Grade 8

The 8th grade class is studying African Drumming in music. They are learning how to use rhythmic speech to reinforce a rhythm on the drums. They are sounding great. Everyone has a drum in his/her hands during this class! They have mastered layering 4-5 rhythms at a time. Ask your 8th grader to play I love chocolate covered ice cream cones as a rhythm.


Grade 6/7

This class is learning about the history of Jazz through a computer program. They are listening to and watching video clips of original Jazz musicians.  We finished reading the second lesson today,  Wednesday September 30. The reading is interesting  and very lively. Their are many listening and video opportunities for the students along the way. The students’  are in the computer lab listening to and tapping their feet to  musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, just to mention a couple. We will be taking a break from this program to work on vocal skills and techniques in preparation for our Christmas Concert.

Grade 4/5

The 4/5 group is working together on recorder skills. They are excited about some of our incentives with this new Recorder Star program. We are singing and reviewing theory as it applies to the recorder.

Grade 2/3

This class is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new recorders and books. We are using the Recorder Star program this year . It has a lot of fun incentives. Each week I will be presenting a certificate to the Windbag of the Week. In short who ever holds a note for the longest will recieve this honor. In order to play a wind instrument you need to be able to make the best use of the air you take in!

Grade K/1

The students in this group have been singing and dancing each class. We will be making maracas soon. This age loves the movement activities. Circle Dances and rhythm activities are a couple of examples of activities we have done this year. They started learning one of their songs for the concert  today. We will be using the concert songs to learn about pitch, rhythm and dynamics.


I am very excited to announce as of next Wednesday October 7th I will be seeing this class for music once a week!!!

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