Language Arts/Social Studies


Sept09 008

Social Studies:

This year continues to be an exciting year of geography and culture. We have studied Oceania with an emphasis on New Zealand.  We have integrated this with language arts by reading the novel Antarctica and are making  character development books. We have moved through South America with emphasis on ecotourism and the importance and challenges of maintaining the rain forest. Now we are continuing our world tour with our study of Europe.




We’re playing NETBALL!!  A popular sport in the South Pacific AND in Western Europe. We learned the rules, watched a video, and now we are up for a challenge!

We can’t use the backboard or dribble!

Social Studies Fair:  We are planning another Social Studies Fair for Catholic Schools’ week. The students have chosen their country and final papers are due December 18th. The tri-fold and artifact representing the country will be due in January.  It was a lot of fun last year and we all learned a lot about cultures and making presentations.  The students this year are off to a great start!

Language Arts is divided into three areas: Vocabulary, Writing, and Literature.

Here we have pictures of the eighth graders during their weekly “Reading Buddies” time with the K/1 Students!  I don’t know who enjoys it more–the older or the younger readers!


A good book is enjoyed by all ages!





It’s important to talk about the book too!



Writing-The emphasis for writing has been in research and report writing for our social studies report. For many students, this report is the most intensive assignment they have been assigned.  We continue to use class time to go over the process of notes to outline to rough draft to final draft and we will review the correct format of a bibliography in APA format.  This week and next week, I have invited students to stay after school to 3:30 to work with me if they need additional time.  So far, the reports are looking great–I can’t wait to read them!!

Literature-We are in book groups where students can select a novel to read with students with similar interests from the class. Vocabulary has been incorporated into the books we are reading. We will be reading, writing, and creating a project representing main ideas of the book. We will return to individual reading selections next quarter!

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