Kindergarten and First Grade


The Dolphins have been very busy the last several weeks. Here’s a look at what they have been up to…

*This month our share was about “OUR FAVORITE FAIRY TALE”. Several of us had the same favorite fairy tale. We compared the similarities and differences between “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears”.


“Look… It’s Little Red Riding Hood!”


“Another version of “Little Red Riding Hood”!”

*We have been learning about predictions. We predicted how many pumpkin seeds were in our class pumpkin. The student, who guessed the closest to the amount of pumpkins that were actually in our pumpkin, took “Mr. Pumpkin” home. Congratulations to Amy! She predicted 207 pumpkin seeds.


"We cleaned out our pumpkin, and counted the seeds!"

*We had our Halloween parade and party. Here are some great photos!




"We had many visitors parading around our school on Halloween!"

*Math: Kindergarten and first grade completed chapter 1!


"I need to focus on what the question is asking."

*Spelling: 1st grade is learning about A-B-C order, and using the dictionary to find out the definition of words. Kindergarten is doing a wonderful job of recognizing, and sounding out letters. We continue to practice letters and sounds daily using our “alphabet flash cards”. Please make sure you are practicing at home, too!

*Mr. Bear continues to make his way to each of our homes every Friday. Please remember to return him on Monday morning. THANK YOU!


"Mr. Bear went out trick-or-treating too!"

*YELLOW FOLDERS: Please check your child’s folder every night. Corrected homework needs to be taken out of the folder each night. Thank you.

*Reading Logs: Reading needs to be taking place EVERY night. It is very important for your child to be read to, as this will help improve his/her reading skills. Ask your child what the letters are, and the sounds they make. If your child is reading, have him/her read to you. Reading needs to be done at school AND at home. Your child needs to record his/her readings. ALL students can write the title of their book in their reading logs. Please help to reinforce this independent activity. Thank you!

*Reading Buddies: Every Friday morning our 8th grade reading buddies visit our class. Sometimes they read to us, or we read to them.


"We enjoy being read to."

Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie Vinci

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